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Secret Eugenics (mass-extermination) Program May Be Well Under Way

Original Link: http://www.examiner.com/political-buzz-in-new-york/secret-eugenics-mass-extermination-program-may-be-well-under-way

Thomas Hackney
NY Political Buzz Examiner

There is no more blatant or in-our-face evidence that a genocidal secret global authority exists than those ubiquitous planes that spew millions of tons of poisons like aluminum (Al) and Barium (Ba) into Earth’s atmosphere every day.

The government does not talk about this, and when asked will either say no such program or spraying exists or that it is to cool the atmosphere in the face of “global warming.” Of course, “global warming” is only a theory, and, recent revelations indicate, not a very good or valid one at that, but the explanation appears good enough for the likes of the people. Yes, let’s monkey with the air, soil and water. Who knows, something “good” might come of it.

In an interview of G. Edward Griffin on the Alex Jones’ radio show yesterday, Griffin talked briefly about one or two of the findings about to be made public in his documentary. He talked about some extremely remote mountain streams high on Mount Shasta in Washington state where it was discovered that Aluminum levels in this water were more than 60 times higher than is considered safe.

The official level of aluminum contamination of water is known to be 1000 parts per billion; but the levels of aluminum found in the water in the cold mountain streams of Mt. Shasta were more than 61,000 parts per billion.

Griffin hypothesizes that the source of this contamination can only be from the high altitude aerosol spraying program.

It is further hypothesized that, among many other things, this could be the cause of bumble bee die offs that are being seen nationwide. Bees are essential for plants. Aluminum also affects plants directly by making it harder for plants to absorb and retain moisture, which natural plants also need in order to thrive.

Although Big-Agri is busy developing GMO plants and seeds that solve this problem. there is still reason for concern, perhaps even alarm. By killing off natural plants, Big Agriculture apparently hopes to control and own through patents all food plants that are able to thrive, or even survive, in the new world order.

Although there are few official studies in this area, there may well be short and long term human health effects which have already kicked in. The proliferation of cancer (among other diseases) to epidemic levels, and of cancer commercials, which now pay for much of the radio and TV programming Americans see daily, may be linked to the blanket poisoning going on in plain view. As obnoxious and appauling as these commercials generally are, there are good reasons besides aesthetic ones for audiences to be concerned. Chief among these would be the “theory” that humans and plants are being gradually exterminated by people who will live in caves, for a time, when this and other exterminating programs in plain view become fully implemented and realized.

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